Medical doctor Dr Azmi Abdul Khan co-founder of Botrem identified, applied then developed active natural ingredients proven and used in our products. He continues to look for new natural ingredients to enhance the efficacy of our products. Rigorous real world testing and observations on actual people including patients are our actual laboratory, with emphasis on ensuring a gentle yet therapeutically efficacious effect on the user.

Tengku Zainal Abidin, a joint co founder and friend, received the first prototype sample to review. As someone afflicted with eczema he was startled by what he discovered; a product that had a gentle pacifying aroma with efficacy normally found in medicine yet was natural in composition!


A personal lifelong quest of his was fulfilled.  Deciding it was significantly better than what he had been using as treatment and desiring to consume it personally, culminated in a collaboration with Dr Azmi that became the Botrem story.

We believe our holistic understanding of active natural ingredients, its biochemistry, medical benefits and guided by the requirements of discerning users ensure our products do positively enhance well being.